Here is too much to say, but it’s been a very hectic day.  Radios estimated at
about approx. 50,000 people present to support the 184 group.
There were shootings, rocks and bottles throwing from the chimères and
the police, also gas lacrymogene.  Despite all this, people were still
coming, even employees here were planning to join others already on the site.  
According to an eye witness, Bel Angelot was distributing cash to the
chimeres in front of Rex and most of them were “high”.  Charles Baker
and David Apaid, Andy’s son, were arrested, “sois-disant” they had weapons
in their car.  They were taken to the Champ-de-Mars Comissariat where TNH
was already in place filming them for hours.

The 184 group has announced a press conference for later today.  Apaid
sounded very upset and said the day was a success since it’s showing
the majority’s will for a major change and also a proof to the world of the
real face of JBA.  Michel Soukar  just talked again on Radio Signal and said it’s the biggest mistake that JBA could do.   AH was at the demonstration and
called to tell me that they were shooting on them and had to look a place to
Looks like her driver was hit (but I didn’t understand by what).  
Fortunately, she called again to say that she and other were at the
Chevalier clinic.  There were large rocks coming from everywhere.  We
believe they were placed last night or early today on top of the
neighboring houses.  There were lots of foreign journalists.