BRUSSELS — (AP) — The European Union said Tuesday it was dismayed by the political situation in Haiti and what it called ”ever more frequent and serious violations” of human rights and freedoms.

In a statement, the 15 EU governments deplored recent violence in Cap-Haitien between opponents and supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s government and ”the brutal intervention” by the national police.

Haitian government spokesman Mario Dupuy denied there was any increase in human rights violations in the country. Reacting to the accusation of police brutality, Dupuy said: “The constitution authorizes demonstrations, but they must be peaceful. The police intervention was appropriate to prevent a violent clash.”

The EU also expressed ”particular concern” about information that elections may be held that would not be in accordance with resolutions passed by the Organization of American States, noting that EU aid to Haiti will not resume until the obligations set out in those resolutions are met.

”The European Union once again calls on the Haitian authorities to take the necessary steps to restore a climate of security capable of restoring confidence so that the electoral process can ensure the greatest possible participation by Haitian civil society,” the statement said.

Dupuy said the EU “should encourage civil society and opposition to participate in elections.’