Originally: Murder at APROSIFA

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) was amazed and indignant to learn of the murder of Dumay Carrier during the course of his shift as a security guard for the Association for the Promotion of Integral Family Healthcare (APROSIFA). [1]


Association for the Promotion of Integral Family Healthcare (APROSIFA) is an active organization that has been providing services to the socially marginalized in the poor district of Carrefour-Feuilles since 1993.  The Association works in the area of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, obstetrics-gynecology, immunizations, family dynamics etc.  Time and again, APROSIFA has been the target of armed gangs and senseless violence.


NCHR recounts the principal attacks against this organization from July 2001 to August 2003:


22 July 2001:

Members of the Palace National Guard (USGPN) arrested APROSIFA?s Director, Dr. Blondel Auguste.  The arrest was carried out at the doctor?s home on Dalles street after which he was driven to the National Palace and then to the Port-au-Prince Police Station where he was held on charges of possession of illegal fire arms and plotting against the State. The events that followed served as proof that the charges were false and that a plot had been devised against the doctor.


During the Night of 30/31 October 2001:

Armed individuals stormed the headquarters of the organization where they proceeded to rape the young daughter of the guardian and left with materials and equipment valued at two thousand, eight hundred and seventy-two dollars and eight cents (US $2,872.08).


11 August 2003 :

Dumay Carrier, a security guard for APROSIFA, was killed in cold blood by two (2) armed individuals. 


The murder of 11 August 2003 comes at a deplorable time of increasing acts of violence across the country. The murder also coincides with a large campaign in Canada, lead by the founder of the organization, Mrs. Rosanne Auguste, against the appeal for asylum to Canadian Immigration by Inspector Jean Dady Siméon, former spokesperson for the Haitian National Police – principal actor in the plot orchestrated around the arrest of Dr. Auguste.


NCHR, offering its sincere condolences to the parents, colleagues and friends of the deceased, and to the leaders and staff of APROSIFA, believes it is crucial that Haitian judicial authorities and the Haitian National Police take all necessary measures that will lead to the arrest of the murderers of Dumay Carrier, in order that they may be judged and sentenced according to the law. NCHR rejects, in advance, the laughable response that « an investigation will follow » and demands that the State ensure safe conditions for the leaders and staff of APROSIFA so they may continue to provide assistance to the socially marginalized peoples of Carrefour-Feuilles.

Port-au-Prince, Wednesday, 13 August 2003

National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR)