Originally: NCHR’s Reaction to the Statements of the Priest of Léogâne against the

NCHR’s Reaction to the Statements of the Priest of Léogâne against the
Independent Press

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) is astonished to learn
of the verbally aggressive words uttered against the independent press
in general, and against journalists from Radio Vision 2000 and Passion
FM, in particular, by the parish priest of Léogâne, Father Fritz
Sauvagere.[1]  The statements were made in the presence of the President
of the Republic and other members of the government during a celebration
mass for St. Rose de Lima, the patron saint of Léogâne, on Saturday, 23
August 2003.

For NCHR, the attitude of the Léogâne priest * who in his high position
refers to himself as a « LwiJanBoje Lavalassien », namely a bandit who
is above the law * is unjustifiable.

NCHR strongly condemns this serious attack against the freedom of
expression, this new assault against the independent press at a time
when the government announces grand public gestures for holding
legislative, municipal and local elections.  Acts of intimidation,
threatening speeches, provocation of violence and hatred are not
elements within the realm of creating the necessary climate of social
peace and tranquility within Haitian homes.

NCHR invites the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Haiti to restrict
the divergence of certain priests in their attempts to transform the
church of Jesus Christ into an area for futile political propaganda with
no regard for the Holy Scripture. 

Port-au-Prince, 26 August 2003