Originally: Summary Minutes and Comments Re: Andy Apaid in Port-au-Prince

Summary Minutes and Comments Re: Andy Apaid in Port-au-Prince


Today at a meeting of the business associations three action items were agreed upon:


1) Issue a press release giving our full support to Andy Apaid and make clear that any injustice done Andy will be an injustice committed against our entire sector. Also several measures were discussed concerning what will be done should  Andy be arrested or injured.


2) Write letters to :


    a) Lawyers’ Association requesting their assessment on whether what is being asked of Andy is legal–namely, requiring him to appear in court, in person, while failing to produce a specific charge or indictment.


    b) To all diplomatic missions represented in the caravan and at Cite Soleil on the 12th of July, to request their account of what they saw and heard.


    c)  To the special OAS mission charged to monitor the implementation of 806 & 822 and solicit as well their account of what happened on the 12th.


3) If Andy’s lawyers were to decide that he should appear before the “Parquet” have a delegation with representatives (Pres. or VP and members) from each association accompany him.




The associations were furnished information from reliable sources that an order has been issued to have Andy assasinated, not arrested.