Originally: Board of Directors


Amb. Ernest H. Preeg
          U.S. ambassador to Haiti, 1981-83

Sen. Rudolph H. Boulos, senator from Nord-Est Department, 2006-2012

Victoria A. Butler, consultant, Washington, D.C.

Lionel Delatour
          Center for Free Enterprise and Democracy (CLED)

Judith A. Gaskell, former librarian of the Supreme Court 

Gerald J. Gourdain, businessman, Beltsville, Md.

Jean Jeudy 
           Member of New Hampshire state legislature

Sen. Orlando Marville
           Chief, OAS electoral mission to Haiti, 2000

James Morrell
          Project executive director

Amb. Lawrence Pezzullo
           U.S. special envoy for Haiti, 1993-94

Rev. Garry Théodate, observer in six elections

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