Originally: Our Mission Compound Under Criminal Attack: Two Watchmen Killed

Our Mission Compound Under Criminal Attack: Two Watchmen Killed

Dear Christian Friends,
I would like to inform you of some tragic news. This morning about 6:30 a.m.(April 28, 2003), one our watchmen found the murdered bodies of Bro. Sauveur and Bro. Hubert at the guesthouse. Not only were they murdered but they were tortured and beaten as well. Upon initial investigation by the police, two inverters and three batteries were discovered missing. Entry to the building was by apparently scaling the side wall to the first level and going to the back to a higher level. Foot prints and fingerprints were found on the outside walls. Cartridges from the weapon used was found on the floor, not far from the bodies. There were signs of Bro. Sauver’s apparent scuffle with the assailants. His body was found in the entry way. Br. Hubert’s body was found on the mattress in the sleeping quarters. The front gate was found open and the lock was on the floor. The police explained that the assailants left by this way. The watchman who is responsible for security of this facility was taken for further interrogation. He claims that he heard nothing during the night. This is in conflict with another gentleman (gateman) who said that heard shots, but thought they were from another location.

Bro. Sauveur leaves to mourn his loss a wife and toddler daughter, who live in Thiotte, their hometown. We were informed that she had planned to visit him tomorrow.

Bro. Hubert was a twenty-four-year-old young man who was employed on a part-time basis to help around the compound. When Bro. John was away on leave he substituted for him. He usually doesn’t sleep here, but he helped Bro. John to bring the generator into the girls’ home last night, around 6:00 PM. We assume, because Brother Sauveur was afraid to stay by himself that night, he decided to stay with Bro. Sauveur.

It was the most moving to see all the girls, small and big girls breaking into loud crying and weeping, in deep sorrow. All the workers, teachers, neighbors and all the community around the Mission came onto the grounds in few minutes after learning about the incident. Both gentlemen were well loved by all of us. They were known for their willingness to work at any assigned task and for their gentle and humble spirits.

Funeral arrangements have not been made at this time due to the delay of notification of relatives in Thiotte and the investigation of the murders.

Although we don’t have any answers, we serve a God who does. Serving a loving and living God gives us strength to carry on. We request your prayers at this tragic time.

How can you friends, American citizens and Christians help?

– Much prayer

– Financial assistance if possible with the investigations and funeral costs – (both funerals being our financial responsibility).

– Write, fax, e-mail or call the American embassy in Port-au-Prince, tell them about the crimes against pastors, missions, Christians and the Haitian population. Ask the American government to help stop these kellings and persecutions. The American government is the only power on earth (in the natural and political sense) that can help change the situation. Write to your congressman, Senator and President, share the news. Write to all prayer groups and networks. We need your help now more than ever. (please read the next pages for more information about the conditions.)

– Why these double Crimes?

– Is it a crime or a theft?

Many people believe the killers came to kill Bishop Joel R. Jeune, as the rumors were going around weeks before. They just took four batteries and the inverters just to trick people to justify the killings. In any event I am here in Haiti to stay, not to leave my country and ministry. God has a responsibility to protect my life, because I am His own. I count on your prayers. God bless you!

Bishop Joel R. Jeune

Sister Doris L. Jeune