The Amiot Metayer case has taken a new dimension on the eve of the arrival of the international mission in Haiti. Gonaives Deputy Public Prosecutor Enock Genelus left the country last week to escape the pressure that the government was putting on him to force him to legalize the case. Journalist Nancy Roc asked, “Would you say that the visit of City Delegate Ketlyn Telemaque was an ultimatum that had to do with the coming of the new international mission?” Genelus answered, “Absolutely. During my meeting with the departmental city delegate, he told me that the case should be heard on 11 March, at 1100 AM, just to drop the charges against Metayer before the international mission comes to Haiti, and this according to the desire of the president of the Republic.”

Departmental City Delegate Telemaque rejects Genelus’s accusations against him. He said that he never met or spoke with Genelus on that issue.