Examining Judge Bernard Saint-Vil has submitted his ruling on the investigation into the murder of Jean Dominique. The judge recommends the prosecution of some individuals who were already in prison.

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) says that it is not ready to accept any kind of conclusion from Judge Saint-Vil. Pierre Esperance said that his organization is ready to mount a protest campaign against any conclusion of an investigation that would seem to be superficial. Esperance said, “We are waiting for a ruling that will shed light on the double murder. The investigation has lasted three years, and we hope that the examining judge will identify the motive for the crime, the intellectual and material authors of the crime. NCHR hopes that they will not give us a superficial result as they did in the case of Brignol Lindor.”

Lovinsky Pierre Antoine of the 30 September Foundation is pleased that the examining judge decided to hand down his final ruling on the Dominique murder investigation. He said that he is now waiting for a fair prosecution and insists that justice be served.

The Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH) said that it has taken note of Judge Saint-Vil’s decision to give his ruling on the Dominique murder investigation. Guyler C. Delva said that the AJH juridical council is now analysing the document before he can make known the association’s position.

The judge’s ruling will be submitted to the concerned parties today in case they want to appeal. Public Prosecutor Josue Pierre-Louis explains the technical details that concern the case. Pierre-Louis said, “According to the law of 29 July 1979, the concerned parties have a 10-day time limit to appeal.”