Originally: Deputy Prosecutor Flees Country To Escape Pressure on Metayer Case

Regarding the Amiot Metayer case, first Examining Judge Marcel Jean left the country, now it is the turn of the deputy public prosecutor of Gonaives to flee the country. Deputy Public Prosecutor Enock Genelus said that he had to leave the country to take refuge in the Dominican Republic following the intervention of City Delegate Ketlyn Telemaque [appointed by Metayer’s Cannibal Army] who was forcing him to legalize the Metayer case of 2 August of last year. According to Genelus, Telemaque wanted him to make it understood that the arrest and detention of people’s organization [OP] Leader Metayer was arbitrary and illegal. Wendy Richard reports as follows:

[Begin recording] [Richard] [passage omitted] Public Prosecutor Genelus speaks as follows:

[Genelus] //On Tuesday 11 [March] at 1100 AM
I was ordered to go and declare in court that Metayer’s arrest was illegal and that his detention was arbitrary. Ketlyn Telemaque, who is city delegate for the Artibonite Department, came to my office. He said that it was a presidential order and that I had to hear the case. But I told him that the public prosecutor was not present and that it was not possible for me to hear the case. He insisted, so I said yes. I pretended to be playing his game, but meanwhile managed to flee the country.//

[Richard] [passage omitted]

[Genelus] //Everybody knows what the Cannibal Army of Gonaives is. I knew that if I refused to do what the head of State asked me to do he would have me assassinated by all means. Even if the president did not have time to have me killed, the Cannibal Army people would not give me a chance, and they would not let my family live either. For, they wanted me to hear a case and I refused to do so. Actually, the government wanted me to legalize the case before the arrival of the international mission. And this is important for people to know: They do not want the international mission to come and find Metayer in an illegal status. They therefore exerted pressure on me to submit a request to resolve the Metayer case and declare him free. So, you understand what that means?