Originally: Head of Judicial Police discusses progress of Montas investigation

The Haitian National Police has announced that they have arrested five people within the framework of the investigations they are carrying out into the attack on Jean Leopold Dominique’s widow, we mean Ms Michele Montas Dominique.

Jeannot Francois, the director of the Central Management of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), says that more than five people have already been arrested and that they are now looking for a vehicle which was involved in this failed attempt. Francois says he has been working swiftly, that the police are working actively on the investigations in order to reach a conclusion.

We continue the investigations and have arrested five people in coordination with the Petion-Ville police station in a round-up within the framework of these investigations. We are questioning those people in order to find out their level of involvement in the case. So, the investigations are continuing.

So, before long, we shall be able to say exactly what happened as far as this murder is concerned. Those arrested are being questioned. At this moment, DCPJ investigators are listening to them. They have not yet given the results of the questionings. But those people are suspected because of their criminal pasts and because of denunciations that have been made against them.

In addition, we have information about a vehicle which was allegedly involved in the crime. This information has allowed us to find some indicators which will allow us to make some arrests.

I have not given the investigations any orientation. When I am carrying out an investigation, I must consider all hypotheses. Indeed, in my first statement on the investigation, I evoked the possibility of a settlement of scores. It is just a possibility. But I did not say that it was exactly that. I also consider the other possibilities. I consider them very seriously.

I could tell you that based on the new data I have in the investigations, I have begun to sort through them in order to determine what possibilities are more viable. But I considered that a possibility. It is normal that I should consider all possibilities in an investigation.

Mr Superintendent, which of all the theories seems to be closer to the truth?

Following the latest statement I made, the press said that I was drawing hasty conclusions?

The press did not say so, Mr Superintendent.

At least, a certain part of the press has accused me of drawing hasty conclusions. I can already tell you today that I have new data. Based on the new data, I shall consider some of the theories even further. However, I shall avoid saying which of them I shall consider most. I shall wait until I go further into these new data. Then, I shall tell the press which of the theories I shall consider the most.