The group of 184 civil society institutions and organizations has issued a call for a general strike to take place on Friday, 24 January. These organizations, which had asked the head of state to adopt certain measures as a precondition for joining the electoral process, do not appreciate the contemptuous attitude shown by the current regime. Rosny Desroches said, “Given that conclusion we have come up with two consequences. The first is that it is not possible for the Haitian people to accept the current situation in this twenty-first century. Second, it is not possible to have correct and transparent elections under the present conditions.”

The Haitian union sector invites the various sectors of the population to follow the strike order issued by the 184 civil society organizations. Union members think that the people should cooperate so that they can denounce their unacceptable situation. Marie Denise Sainclair said, “All activities should come to a halt on that day so that we can say no to poverty, no to insecurity, no to violence, and no to the destruction of our country. The year 2003 is a time for us to prove that there is strength in unity.”

Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP) leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste supports the 184 civil society organizations that issued a call for a general strike for this Friday. Chavannes Jean-Baptiste is convinced that Jean-Bertrand Aristide should leave office. The Haitian Democratic Party (PADEMH) has rejected any idea of negotiating with the Lavalas regime. PADEMH leader Claire Lydie Parent affirms that it is not possible to hold elections as long as the Lavalas regime is in power.

The Organization of the People in Struggle (OPL) denounces the statement made by Haiti’s ambassador to the OAS, Raymond Valcin. Valcin had criticized the OPL about the agreement it reached with the government on the events of 17 December 2001. In a note made public yesterday, the OPL affirmed that it did not sign any agreement with the government, nor has it received any money.