Originally: Civil society official says prime minister received, acknowledged letter

Haiti: Civil society official says prime minister received, acknowledged letter

Professor Rosny Desroches, a civil society representative, has reacted to the statement made by the prime minister regarding the 184 civil society organizations.

Q: We heard the statement made by Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, who said that his office and the presidency were never officially notified of the initiative of the 184 civil society organizations.  What is the truth in all that?

Professor Desroches: I think that the prime minister must have forgotten a few things. We actually wrote to the head of government, the prime minister, in order to transmit the first statement of the group of 184 institutions officially. I personally signed that letter together with the coordinator of the Civil Society Initiative Group. And during the month of January, on 16 January to be exact, we received a letter from the prime minister acknowledging receipt of our letter and stating that the document has held his attention.

Q: That means that the prime minister’s office was officially informed of the initiative.

A: Absolutely. Absolutely. Since the seven points in that document concerned the government in particular, we then sent it to the government hoping that all the ministers concerned would be informed. Because there were issues which concerned the judicial authorities and the police. We were, of course, hoping to obtain explanations on those various points, because it was a request made by key institutions from Haitian civil society.