Originally: Opposition leader decries arrest of Himmler Rebu

The leader of the Convention for Democratic Unity (KID), Evans Paul, has decried the summons issued by the public prosecutor for Rebu to appear in court. Paul warned against the arrest of the political leader and summoned the people to mobilize to make President Aristide leave. Paul spoke as follows:

Once again I denounce the criminal plan of the Lavalas regime to murder Himmler Rebu.

I will not accept in any form the arrest of a citizen, just because he participated in a peaceful march. We said it before, and we are saying it again: If they want to arrest people, then Aristide will have to arrest all the opposition leaders, starting with me personally who headed the demonstration staged by the union movement on  January 10.

I want everybody to know that I am leading the same fight, which is an unceasing mobilization to force Aristide to step down, so that the Haitian people may have a break.

I am not defending any personal interests; I am not seeking to be the prime minister or even a minister. What I want is to achieve a peaceful solution as soon as possible to free the country from the clutches of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.