January 1, 2003

     Approximately four months ago, after repeated demonstrations, students requesting their constitutional right of university autonomy were brutally assaulted by security forces.

     Today, young, defenseless students are still being victimized with murderous assaults for their show of solidarity with the peaceful demonstration of university students that occurred in Petit-Goâve on November 20, 2002.

     The Ligue des Jeunes Cadres Haïtiens d?Outre-Mer pour la Sauvegarde des Droits et Libertés (LIJECH) could not let these violations of rights and liberties be forgotten, as the case has been on many other occasions; nor could it remain silent and indifferent to such practices representing a blatant violation of the international conventions and charters which require that all governments strictly respect the rights of their citizens.

     Faced with such disturbing circumstances, we ask the organizations and institutions defending human rights to directly intervene in this tragedy and help LIJECH with emergency medical and humanitarian assistance for the students victimized by the recent unfortunate events that occurred in Haiti. We also propose a Truth Commission and an investigation of these crimes, atrocities, illegal confinements and physical abuses.

François Guillaume, Jr., Executive Director, L.I.J.E.C.H.

Patrick Augustin, Assistant Executive Director