Originally: Group of civil society organizations calls for anti-government strike

One hundred and eighty-four civil society organizations are calling for a general strike for Friday 24 January, in response to the contemptuous attitude shown by the government towards the recommendations they made in December. They affirmed that the current situation in the country is unacceptable especially because the government does not have the political will to put things right. They have therefore announced the presentation of a plan to end the crisis, which will be developed from suggestions and proposals from all sectors of the country. The civil organizations have issued a call for mobilization to say no to the destruction of the country. Jean Francois Alexis reports as follows:

The 184 civil society organizations have reached the conclusion that the government does not have the political will to respect the commitments made within the framework of OAS Resolution 822. It is therefore impossible in the current situation to set up the necessary structures for the holding of free, transparent and credible elections. And in order that they may issue a warning to the government regarding the deterioration of the socio-economic situation and the institutionalized insecurity, the 12 key sectors that are represented in that platform have called for a general strike for Friday 24 January. 

Maurice Lafortune: The aim of the strike is to protest against the bad political, social and economic management of the country and to let the current government know that Haitian society has decided to lead a peaceful fight to put an end to that situation. We therefore invite all the sectors concerned to cease all their activities on Friday 24 January.

Radio Vision2000: Beyond the socio-economic consequences related to the persistence of the political crisis, the representatives of the 184 organizations want to continue the fight to strengthen civil society. They will lead the fight so that they may rekindle hope, contribute to the building of the rule of law, social justice and economic development based on a new social contract. They intend to present to the nation a proposal for a way out of the crisis as soon as possible, as well as a plan of action.

Professor Rosny Desroches: The 184 organizations have declared that a few days from now they will present a proposal for a way out of the crisis. That proposal will be formulated after consultations with all the sectors of the country, including the political parties, so that we may come and propose a solution for a way out of the crisis and a plan of action about what we should do to get out of the crisis.

We still believe that the ball is in the government’s court. If the government changes its mind and does what Haitian society wants it to do in order to put things right, then in that case we believe there is still a possibility for us to collaborate.

Radio Vision 2000: It should be pointed out that thirty-five other organizations have recently joined the existing 184 institutions for the formation of the Citizens’ Action Platform PAC, which has invited all people to be aware of their own responsibilities in a situation where repression, persecution and political violence prevail.

Pierre Emile Rouzier: This reinforced platform urges all the citizens of the country, on behalf all the organizations throughout the country and in the Diaspora, to get together and to take counsel together locally with a view to sending their suggestions and proposals. We invite all citizens to overcome fear, to undertake their responsibility and to get mobilized in order to say no to assassinations, no to political persecutions, repression and violence. We invite the government employees and the police to show solidarity with the citizens and to refuse to support illegal and unacceptable acts.

The movement aims to denounce the government’s irresponsibility regarding certain critical issues, such as the resolution of the crisis, insecurity, political persecution, impunity, the high cost of living and political imprisonment. According to the decision they have made, the 184 institutions are issuing a warning to the government and are threatening to use other means to force the government to fulfil its commitments to other sectors.