I think his statements show that Aristide has not changed, that he will not change and that he will not be able to change. For, that is the way he always does things. Every time he is faced with a problem, he tries to change the subject.

He tries to stage scenarios so he can create confusion in the country. But everybody knows what he is doing. I believe that Aristide is preparing the ground in order to have a repeat of the events of 17 December.

He is trying to find pretexts so he can carry out repression against the opposition. We know very well what the word truce means for Aristide. To him truce means war.

Aristide speaks of cowardice, in this case we should ask if it is the opposition?which is resisting his attempts to establish another dictatorship in the country?that is really the coward or if it has to do with him personally, because when he says something he does exactly the opposite.

Is it not cowardice when somebody unilaterally asks for a truce and then makes declarations of war? I think that that attitude should reinforce the conviction of all those who are fighting for Aristide to step down as soon as possible.

For, as I always say, Aristide is showing his true personality more and more so that people can clearly see that he is a public danger, a terrible deceiver. The only alternative we have is to force him to step down.