Lavalas “people’s organizations” (OP) held a demonstration in Petion-Ville yesterday to commemorate the victims of a bombing during Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s election campaign 12 years ago. On the occasion, President Aristide’s supporters called for respect for the five-year presidential mandate.

Novinsky Pierre-Antoine and Rene Civil used the occasion to attack the US ambassador, the opposition and the students.

Novinsky Pierre-Antoine: Today, we know that democracy in Haiti means supporting the five-year mandate of President Aristide. We want President Aristide to complete the five-year mandate that the people gave him in the 26 November election. That is what we want.

Rene Civil: We can say that the university students have got some satisfaction. Why is it then that the students continue to stone people when they are demonstrating?

Is it because they get money from the US ambassador, Brian Dean Curran? Is it because Brian Dean Curran promised to give them US visas, just as he promised to give US visas to some journalists so they could penetrate the government and denigrate the Haitian people?

We want that hypocrisy to come to an end today. In 1986, the people swore never to let the black and red flag  fly over our national territory. Now we are surprised to see that it is the Convergence and the former army officer and former criminal, Himmler Rebu.

We are surprised to see that they are the ones who are supposed to guide the people. We are surprised to see that it is the people who are supposedly rich and who should (uphold) the sovereignty of the country who are working for the occupation of the country. We are telling them now that we are in the majority. We are constitutional. We are legal, and we will always win the fight.