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Michael Deibert’s Haiti Blog

This blog aims to present an ever-expanding repository of links to news stories and other sources of information that will help readers determine the reality of present-day Haiti as they seek to help the country on its path to building a more just and equitable society. Michael Deibert will also post an expanding library of his own writings on Haiti from 2000 until the present.

He is the author of the acclaimed Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti, which vividly describes Haiti’s most recent struggle to emerge from dictatorship.


 United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti



Wozo Productions is a multimedia production partnership which seeks to document Haiti’s rich and complex cultural, social and political life while building cultural bridges between Haiti and neighboring islands and countries.




An informational vehicle for the Haitian-American community in the intellectual property arena. It is a nonprofit organization, of which the primary concern is to inform the Haitian community about patent rights, copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, and trade-names.




Law practice devoted to appellate work on behalf of aliens, primarily before the Board of Immigration Appeals, Executive Office for Immigration Review, United States Department of Justice (“BIA”).



Lambi Fund

The mission of the Lambi Fund is to support the grassroots democratic
movement in Haiti.  We are a small foundation which funds small grassroots
projects completely initiated and run by peasant associations, which empower
people economically and socially.  We have a special emphasis on women’s
projects and on agricultural production, with an aim to strengthen the
economic means of people living in rural areas to stem the tide of

Creole Links Page

The Creole Links Page is a growing and very up-to-date assortment of links to
many online Haitian Creole texts, dictionaries, language tools and resources,
curriculum materials, and educational resources, as well as links to Haitian
culture- and history-related sites and documents.

Institute for Research in the Science of Politics

Haiti Support Group documents democracy efforts with coverage of culture and events as well.

Continuing Projects to Help Haiti | Law Office, English, French, Creole, Spanish

Agencé Haitienne de Presse, daily news update in French from Haiti.

Haiti Online, daily news update in French from Miami. Independent.

Haiti Info

Radio Metropole

 Comprehensive links are maintained by:’s Haiti page.

Links, news.

The embassy of Haiti in Washington.
Click here to go to their site. 
Port Haiti.  The Internet Information Port for Haiti. Threshold to the exploration of Internet content related to Haiti and the Haitian people. Full-fledged search engine and portal dedicated to Haiti. Three hundred links in over one hundred categories, and they add ten to fifteen a day.

Haïti En Marche,  Miami weekly in French with up-to-date news and commentary.

Windows on Haiti, one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date sites on Haiti.

Le Nouvelliste, the oldest newspaper in Haiti.

Miami Herald: Haiti.

Washington Post: Haiti. Find the latest Post and Associated Press articles on Haiti.

Haiti Global Village.  Haiti’s premiere on-line community. The Haitian Interface to the Internet created by Intermedia; the Haitian Internet Communications Network. Haiti Global Village is devoted to Haiti and the Haitian people throughout the global village.

Haiti Tourisme. Le Site Officiel de La Secretairerie d’Etat au Tourisme de la Republique d’Haiti – The Official Site of the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Republic of Haiti.

National Network for Research and Development (REHRED, site in French)

Unofficial Haitian Home Page.

Aristide Foundation.

Lavalas Family.

National Coalition for Haitian Rights.  Promotes rights of Haitian refugees and civil society and democracy in Haiti.

Trade and development. Reduce or eliminate U.S. tariffs on Haitian goods. Immigration and human rights. Secured passage of the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 1998.

U.S. embassy in Haiti

Haiti Info Net.

Haïti Contact, a site in France with lots of information. (In French.)

Links related to Haiti, another useful Haiti index.

Télédiòl Cybernétique, news and analysis in French.

Newsgroups: alt.current-events.haiti, soc.culture.haiti


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