Originally: A Serious Agenda for Democracy, Stability and Peace in Haïti

A Serious Agenda for Democracy, Stability and Peace in Haïti


Parnell Duverger





          The policy paper presented by the Haïti Democracy Project (HDP) on December 9th is a major leap forward in the analysis of an enduring and complex political situation in Haïti.  Moreover, the paper outlines a set of important practical steps for confidence building, as well as for restoring a constitutional and legitimate government capable of inspiring Haïtians to work together to hasten the advent of a new era of democratic governance, political stability and social peace, anchored on individual freedoms and the rule of law.


          Surely, the policy proposal could have gone beyond the four steps of (1) disarmament, (2) arbitration, (3) new transitional government and (4) constitutional presidency, to include (5) a national conference before the constitutional presidency, as well as (6) international support for rebuilding and strengthening the country?s democratic institutions, and (7) international assistance for restructuring the Haïtian national economy of toward a competitive free enterprise economic system, during the  constitutional presidency.  But, as proposed, the four steps represent an indispensable core, which it would be folly to ignore. 


          As a blueprint for policy objectives that should be adopted by the United States Government, the HDP proposal brings to the fore important elements of a serious agenda for an immediate and, hopefully, fruitful dialogue with decision makers in Washington, about the future of representative democracy in Haïti, a mutual concern of the Haïtian political opposition and the Bush administration, which, as Ambassador Lawrence Pezzullo pointed out recently, should commit America?s leadership for the cause of freedom and democracy in the poorest country of our hemisphere, once again. 


          Let us all seize this excellent opportunity, and rally around a promising proposal for democracy, stability and peace in Haïti.



Parnell Duverger


The Louverture Center for Freedom and Development

December 17, 2002