Originally: Opposition leader says Aristide, not opposition, responsible for Haiti’s woes

What Aristide said could be summarized in three words, which are lies, incompetence and corruption. Aristide only stands on lies. And if it is true that the opposition has the capacity to block things while Aristide has all those people as ministers and that he is paying a lot of money for lobbying to make things work, then that means that they are all a bunch of incapable people.

The truth is that Aristide is not receiving money from the international community because he does not respect democratic principles, he does not do what they want him to do from the management viewpoint because so much money is unaccounted for.

They do not want to release the money because they realize that Aristide and his associates will use the money for personal purposes. They asked him to carry out rehabilitation from state expenses but he does not do it. It is exactly for those reasons that they do not release the money. The people know very well that the opposition is not responsible for that situation.

Regarding the accusation that the opposition has an armed branch, everybody knows that Aristide has been creating these scenarios since 28 July 2001. He always does that to cause the deaths of innocent people and to create a pretext so that the opposition can be attacked.

That is the Christmas truce Aristide was talking about. He says something and does exactly the opposite. We will not back off because we already knew who Aristide was and who we are dealing with. That is the reason why we believe that there will never be a solution to the crisis as long as Aristide remains in power.