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Rene Theodore has reacted to statements by Monsignor Joseph Serge Miot who describes the opposition leaders who do not want to participate in elections under the current regime as cowards. Theodore says the climate is not favourable for free and credible elections in the country. His statements follow: “Monsignor, I am not a coward. I am surprised to hear on the radio the statements in which you describe all political leaders who refuse to go to elections with Aristide as cowards.” Theodore speaks of a conversation he had with Miot after the 21 May 2000 elections and wonders whether Miot remembers what they discussed during this conversation. He says: “I will not reveal the topic of the conversation because it was a private conversation. On this occasion, you did not see cowardice in my position or (?my) forecast of a long political crisis and the long series of difficulties and misfortunes that would strike our country.” Theodore recalls that Miot was surprised to hear him saying then that given what is going to happen in the country what he needed to do is to pray. Theodore explains that credible elections are not possible under the Aristide government.