“Justice must advance on a straight path,” says President Aristide defying

those who want to derail the judicial process in the Jean Dominique murder

case, insisting that the upcoming indictment be released

During yesterday’s inauguration of the final stretch of a highway near the

airport, and the inauguration of a marketplace in Tabarre, President Aristide

strongly denounced the killing of Maxim Seide, the security guard at Michele

Montas’ home, and directed  members of the judiciary to continue to move the

case of the April 2000 assassination of her husband, Jean Dominique, and his

employee forward.  The Christmas night attack is widely believed to have been

an attempted assassination of Michele Montas. 

President Aristide explained that the timing of this attack coincides with

his visit on Christmas to the family of Judge Lozama, the Lavalas judge of

peace who was killed in Lascahobas recently.  President Aristide pointed out

that the attack at Montas’ home occurred at the very time that an indictment

is about to be released by the judge on the Jean Dominique matter which may

implicate persons in that double murder.

Declaring that, “We see the guns of violence that don’t want to see justice”

for Jean Dominique, and insisting that, “Justice must advance on a straight

path!” the President explained, “If there is an indictment to be released, it

must be released for us to know who is implicated and who is innocent!” 

President Aristide affirmed that, “Without peace and justice we cannot

transform this country.”


President Aristide stated that it is precisely because the case has made

significant progress lately, after a lengthy and difficult investigation

phase, and an indictment is about to be handed down by the investigating

judge, that the attack has occurred in an attempt to derail the process.

President Aristide, in his public speech yesterday, affirmatively instructed

all judges and prosecutors concerned in this matter, to do their duty, remain

independent, and  stay the course to make sure that justice prevails in the

matter of Jean Dominique, consistent with the provisions of the law. 

President Aristide and First Lady Mildred Aristide visited Michele Montas to

give their support and to again assure her of the government’s continued

determination to advance this matter to justice.

Michele Montas told the press that she had no doubt that the attack was

directed against her and that it was directly “related to the publication in

the coming days of an indictment by the Judge of Instruction [Bernard

Sainvil], relating to the investigation into the murder of Jean Dominique.” 

Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, who also visited Montas yesterday, assured her

that the government will provide necessary security.

Haiti’s Chief Prosecutor, Josue Pierre Louis, affirmed that the indictment

for the April 2000 double murder will be released within the next few weeks.

The Chief Prosecutor indicated that after possible legal challenges by those

who may be indicted, the case would be moved forward to a criminal trial for

eventual judgment of those charged in the assassination of Jean Dominique and

a worker at his radio station.