The Civil Society Initiative Group condemns the statement by the head of state for encouraging class war in Haiti. The Initiative regards such a speech as old-fashioned and warns President Aristide against the possible consequences of such a declaration. The Initiative says that what the Haitian people want now is reconciliation, not hatred. Rosny Desroches:

I believe that it is absolutely anachronistic. And in the current situation, it is also an irresponsible statement. I think I can say that what the Haitian people, as a whole, want today is reconciliation and cooperation between the social classes.

I have personally met people from all social classes in this country and I can assure you that the people do not want class struggle or class war between the social classes.

On the contrary, they want cooperation. I think that it should be the duty of the head of state, the duty of all responsible people at the government level to encourage that cooperation so that those who possess money in this country may find favourable conditions to invest their money, create jobs in this country and get our country out of the financial mess which it is now in and to encourage professionals to remain in the country instead of emigrating to Canada or other countries.

I think that this is what we expect from a head of state, not a speech of hatred and division, a speech that can only increase the social trouble in this country.

Radio Metropole, December 6, 2002