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Dear President Aristide,

We have taken note of the letter of the prime minister on October 29, 2002 to the chief of the special OAS mission to Haiti asking for technical assistance in the spheres of

∙ professionalization of the police
∙ election security; and
∙ disarmament

 We consider this to be a positive action that could help create the right conditions for holding credible elections in a climate of security.

Nevertheless, we consider that certain data should be provided before the government officially announces the names of the persons designated to the CEP, even if it delays the formation of a CEP for fifteen days.

These extra fifteen days would allow the time necessary to set the guidelines of the technical assistance for professionalization of the police, security of elections, and disarmament and communicate them for commentary by the political parties and civil society.

In the security sphere we consider that the government should give an unmistakable sign of its willingness to contribute to the safety of all of the citizens by taking measures to assure that the members of parliament and local elected officials are no longer accompanied by civilians with military armament, which is prohibited by the Haitian constitution and laws.

These actions are indispensable measures for recreating confidence in the population and allowing our member institutions to participate in forming a CEP.

Conference of Bishops
Protestant Federation
Episcopal Church

Justice and Peace NGOs
Chamber of Commerce