Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi reported to the OAS Permanent Council that the Government of Haiti and the OAS Special Mission had agreed on 15 November, 2002 on formal terms of reference covering technical assistance from the OAS in the areas of elections, elections security, disarmament and the professionalization of the Haitian National Police.
These agreements were cited by five key nongovernmental institutions on 19 November in presenting names to President Aristide for the formation of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).   The prompt formation of the Council is now critical.
The Assistant Secretary General praised the orderly nature of public demonstrations held with appropriate police protection in various Haitian cities in recent days.  At the same time, he noted, with many aspects of resolutions 806 and 822 still incomplete, and in the current state of fragmentation and weakening of Haitian society, opportunities to solve Haiti?s problems peacefully and democratically are rapidly waning. 
He called for action from all concerned. He appealed to the Haitian community, both within Haiti and in the diaspora, to find space to work with each other despite continuing differences.  He called on the international community to work urgently to enable multilateral economic assistance to flow to Haiti.
The Assistant Secretary General stated  that ?the only way forward is for all sectors to work seriously to ensure that the problems of distrust and lack of resources are overcome in order to create democratic space for all.?