The Citizens? Initiative (InitiativeCitoyenne, IC), a youth group, plans to analyze the situation in the country, critique the Lavalas regime, and call for a new departure. Frandley Denis Julien, from the organization, noted the presence of several personalities such as former colonel Himler Rébu, human-rights advocate Jean Claude Bajeux, economist Frantz Vérella, former senator Turneb Delpé, and Convergence leader Evans Paul. The planned demonstration will condemn the government for leaving the country in an untenable situation.

The authorities appear to be taking a dim view of this youth movement?s activities. According to the director of Initiative Citoyenne, the government has spread a rumor that would-be coup plotters are planning to make a move. At the beginning of the week, the police reported an attack on the main police station by unknown armed personnel. The government representative Myrtho Julien said they were former military.