A Lavalas member of Parliament accuses members of the party in power of wanting to assassinate him.

Lavalas Senator Jean Claude Délicé, whose arrest has been demanded by supporters of his colleague, Jeseph Médard, following incidents of violence reported last October in Liancourt, defends himself and strikes back.  

During a press conference on Tuesday, November 5, 2002, the L?Artibonite Parliament member said that his adversaries within the party Fanmi Lavalas were conspiring to depict him as a fierce opponent to elevating Liancourt to the rank of commune. Jean Claude Délicé pointed out that during the clashes which resulted in one dead and several injured, the victims were among his supporters, and not those of Senator Médard. For Mr. Délicé, this plot should be seen in the context of the preparations for the presidential election of 2006. The controversial Parliament member accused a sector of High Artibonite of wanting to assassinate him, and of having transformed the Organization for the Development of Artibonite (ODVA) into a refuge for ex-convicts and murderers.  

Jean Claude Délicé, a former ODVA director, claims that his enemies are trying to add his name to the long list of victims for whom no judicial action has been taken yet. Referring to the cases of Mireille Durocher Bertin, Pastor Antoine Leroy, Jean Léopold Dominique, Marc André Diogène, and Brignol Lindor (murdered between 1995 and 2001), the L?Artibonite Parliament member said that his own murderers would not go free.