Law offices of

Mr. Reynold Georges, Esq.

Dear Mr. Georges,

During our difficult times, you have always offered your much appreciated and dedicated help to KID, particularly when its members had been arbitrarily arrested by the Lavalas regime, currently in power. In those occasions, your assistance has been timely and efficient, and we sincerely commend and thank you for it.

In order to reiterate a request presented during your last two (2) meetings with our Secretary-General, KID is hereby asking you formally to return to the appropriate officials of the de facto Lavalas regime the amount of four million gourdes and 00 cents (Gourdes 4,000,000.00) sent to you as a payment for damages to our Party, which had been among the victims of political banditry on December 17, 2001.The reason is that KID does not want to be compensated with public funds without a court decision.

Three (3) KID facilities have been looted and burned by the Lavalas regime in Port-au-Prince:

No. 19 Rue du Champs-de-Mars, on August 13, 1991,

No. 14 Rue Camille Léon, on April 8, 2000,

No. 67 Rue Christ-Roi, Bourdon, on December 17, 2001.

The day after the macabre events of December 17, 2002, public funds were used to pay individuals known as agents of violence working for the Lavalas Regime. How can they use those same public funds, which are already scarce, to compensate the victims? How can someone expect the taxpayers money to be paid to both the attackers and the victims?

KID?s opinion is that those responsible should be indicted, and forced to pay with their own money for the harmful effects of their barbaric actions. For the Lavalas regime has violated not only the right to life, but also the freedom of association and the right to private property, by attacking the facilities of a political party.

Without pretension to establish any rule of conduct, and with all due respect to others regarding their own decision, KID decided to follow this course in order to fight all attempts to use public money with the purpose of paying for the criminal acts of persons in power.

KID looks forward to a favorable response to this request and remains

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Alcide,

Executive Secretary

Approved by:
Evans Paul,Secretary-General