Unfortunately, there are examples of democracies in crisis in our region as well. In Venezuela and Haiti, the failure of leaders to maintain the confidence of their people has led to violence and instability. The solution in both cases lies in strengthening democratic institutions.

On Haiti, The United States gave its full support to the unanimous OAS resolution that calls on the government to hold elections in 2003, clears the way for Haiti to recommence work with international financial institutions, and provides some desperately needed assistance to relief organizations. The United States wants to help the Haitian people, but we have serious issues with the Aristide administration.

President Aristide has not fulfilled the promises he made to two consecutive Presidents of the United States. The government needs to move forward quickly on these issue so that an electoral council can be formed next month and preparations for elections can begin. The United States will support the electoral process so long as it remains transparent and fair. We expect all democratic parties in Haiti to earn the support of the Haitian people.