Fondation Mémoire

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Ralph J. Bunche

International Affairs Center




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A Forum on the Haitian Revolution and the Development of the Concepts of Liberty and Justice in the 19th Century



Ron Daniels

Alex Dupuy

David Geggus

Frantz Antoine Leconte


October 11, 2002  3:P.M

Moot Court Room

Howard University/ 2900 Van Ness Street NW 

Washington, DC 20008

Reception follows


Fondation Mémoire, founded in 1998, is a 501(c)3 organization, based in Washington, DC, dedicated to the preservation of  the critical legacy to the world of the Haitian revolution. Our programs and activities therefore focus on the contributions of the African Diaspora to world civilization. We are now preparing for a major celebration of the Bicentennial of the Haitian Revolution. Through it, we want to show how African ideas and experiences in Haiti laid the foundation for resistance and the fight for self-determination among the colonized people of color all over the world.