The European Union has decided to maintain its financial blockade on Haiti despite the adoption of OAS Resolution 822 on Haiti. This information was given to us by the German charge d’affaires, Klaus Peter Shick.

He said that the EU will observe how the situation evolves before changing its attitude towards the Haitian crisis. The German charge d’affaires did say, however, that the EU has released 500,000 euros to finance the Organization of American States Mission of Support to Democracy in Haiti. Shick said that the EU hopes that the government will implement recommendations made by the OAS mission regarding the events of 17 December when an attempted coup was followed by attacks on the premises of opposition groups and opposition leaders’ houses.

“Due to the fact that the situation in the country has not improved and some people have even said that the situation has deteriorated, therefore, the EU has decided not to change its position for now.

“The EU remains committed to the decision the council made on 22 January to partially stop giving EU financial assistance to Haiti. A gradual resumption of all those cooperation and development instruments can be considered only when all the concerned Haitian parties manage to obtain a basic political agreement.

“I am talking now about the Initial Draft Agreement. Because some elements of the Initial Draft Agreement have been incorporated into Resolution 822, the EU will continue to observe carefully and closely the way the various players accomplish the objectives and measures enshrined in that.

“The EU does not want to express an opinion now. It will do so some time later. It is ready to give its support once it is convinced that the demands and the measures provided for in the resolution are truly implemented.

“We therefore issue a call to the Haitian government, to the opposition parties and to all key socio-political groups in Haiti and to the government in the first place, to do everything possible and as soon as possible, to achieve those objectives.

“The EU advocates a climate of security in the country, a climate which will allow all the political players as well as the Haitian people as a whole to be able to express their opinions freely and without fear of reprisals. This climate of security is essential for the organization of free and democratic elections.”

Source: Radio Metropole