The tense situation has resumed in Gonaives. Tires were burned and roads were barricaded in the city this morning. Jean Robert Francois reports that a group of people were calling for the departure of President Aristide. That group identifies itself as representatives of diverse sectors in Gonaives. They issued an ultimatum that says: //If the president of the country does not leave power, then the schools will not reopen in Gonaives this year.// One spokesman said: //”Aristide must go because he is not doing anything good for the country. He is an immoral person. He has wasted the country’s money. We are going to hold a general mobilization to send Aristide away this month. This movement is different from the movement that took place last week. This is a movement that is being carried out with objectivity. It is a movement of the citizens of the city. All sectors feel that they have no confidence in the current regime. They are going to rise up to get rid of the Lavalas regime.