“Even this [Metayer’s] change of heart is a consequence of the inconsequence of the Lavalas regime. We all heard Yvon Neptune describe Metayer as a delinquent. We heard that Aristide had sent Jose Illusse to negotiate with him. So, it is clear that there are a lot of contradictions and that the government is improvising. It is a government of lies, and it is a crooked government. In such a situation, there are people who will continue to be aware. Gonaives will go its way, without Cubain (Metayer), so it can force Aristide to resign. Other cities will follow suit, because it is not just a Gonaives issue. There are other issues, such as the cooperative issue, poverty, hunger, electricity outages, and the university crisis. In the face of such a hypocritical government, the country simply must rise up. We maintain the word of order, and it will find its way, because Haiti is not Aristide’s property.

 “The OAS is in a very uncomfortable position concerning the Haiti dossier. All politics is local in the first place. We Haitians should not wait for the foreigners to decide for us. We who are living in the Lavalas hell, hunger, kidnapping, and lies, it is us Haitians who are affected by those things. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take hold of our destiny. We should stand up without violence to force Aristide to leave power and to establish a rule of law that can work to improve the people’s conditions in the country.”