The anti-Lavalas mobilization  resumed in Gonaives the morning of August 13, despite Amiot (Cubain) Metayer’s reversal of position. Burning tires and barricades were set up at several points of the city as signs of protest against the Lavalas government. One of the movement’s organizers said the government must step down. “A general mobilization will be undertaken so that we can overthrow Aristide by the end of the month.”

Metayer’s supporters held a news conference yesterday in which they announced their total reconciliation with the Lavalas regime, after they initiated a movement that turned the city of Gonaives upside down. They questioned who would take over if the Lavalas regime is overthrown. They expressed concern because opposition members have lodged complaints against them, and they might be in jeopardy if opposition came to power.

Evans Paul, leader of Confederation for Democratic Unity, KID, and an influential member of the Democratic Convergence, discussed the immorality of the Lavalas rulers. He repeated his call for a general mobilization to overthrow the Lavalas regime. In response to a journalist’s question, Evans said that delinquents could not be in power. He cited the provisions of the OAS charter on democracy and explained that the Haitian Government did not respect these provisions.