How can you say that we are going to have elections while Lavalas has all the power? It is not a question of sharing power. It is question of searching for elements of balance. Even the question of sharing power is legitimate. Who can blame a political party for wanting to share power, for wanting to be part of power? In this particular case, this is not what interests us. We want to create a counterpower to confront the absolute power of Lavalas. This counterpower should not belong only to the political parties. The civil society must also act as counterpower. Otherwise, absolute power in the country – we have seen the sign clearly, it is what Lavalas has wanted since Preval was in power. When you have 100 per cent of the deputies, 100 per cent of the senators, when you have total control over the police and the CSCCA [Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation], that makes us think of what we always talked about: a totalitarian project. We are against the totalitarian project. This is why not only can the country cannot move forward, but it is constantly going backward – because absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute power shows its incapability in an absolute manner.

–Signal FM Radio