Because of move from the Center for International Policy?s website, we decided that a new look was in order.  As the web designer, I am proud to announce the ?post-beta? opening of our new format.

            Because the move is so recent, most articles are still in the old format (which we do not, at this time, have the opportunity to change), so please feel free to visit our archives.  In addition, many of the more advanced features are not fully functional or functional at all.  That is because we are starting completely from scratch, and doing things as they should have been done from the beginning.  Though this takes time, eventually you will notice significant changes in the way you navigate through this site, as well as major upgrades in technology.  Trust me; it?s worth the wait.

            If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about the design, e-mail me at  If you have questions about itself, e-mail James Morrell at



   Chris Morrell