Lavalas Family Party Said to Resent Préval’s Support of Dominique Murder Investigation

Senator Joseph Médard is questioned in assassination plot against former president René and other leaders of the KOZEPEP peasant organization.

A peasant leader of the organization, Charles Suffrard, told Judge Claudy Gassant of the threats particularly in the Artibonite coming from the Lavalas Family’s local power holders. Top Lavalas Party people were reportedly criticizing former president Préval for encouraging a judicial inquiry that could implicate top officials of the current government. KOZEPEP leaders say they are the victims of an underground campaign. They say the organization is unaffiliated and has no allegiance to Aristide’s party or to him personally. Senator Médard’s mission according to KOZEPEP was to eliminate the organization and its leading personnel.

What they particularly held against former president Préval was the investigation of the murder of Jean Dominique.