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2014-09-16: Congress Urges Haitian Senators to Vote Election Law by Rep.Eliot L. Engel et al.
It’s time for the Haitian senate to do the right thing and pass the legislation needed to move forward with elections. U.S. will support independent election monitoring to assure a free vote.
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2014-02-08: Celebrating Haiti's 210th by Rep. Maxine Waters
Haiti is the only country to have achieved its independence as the result of a successful slave rebellion. This resolution will congratulate a brave country now in its 210th year of independence.
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2013-12-07: Video: America Says We Gotta Go Back Because of Our Dominican Ancestry by Stanley Lucas (distributor of video)
No somos americanos. The Feds say we're not Americans anymore . . . --You, how do you pronounce this word?
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2013-12-07: We Have Lost an Icon by Rep. Maxine Waters
Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to millions of people in South Africa and around the world.
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2013-07-11: International Pushing Haiti Toward a Dangerous Combination of Elections That Should Remain Separate by Robert Bénodin
Since Aristide's time, foreigners have paid over 75% of the cost of elections in Haiti. This means we must pay attention when the U.S. ambassador says elections cannot be held this year and there is no money for separate ones during 2013-15.
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2013-07-10: Biden's Declaration Not Enough to Overcome International's Mixed Signals by Marvel Dandin, Radio Kiskeya
It's not enough for the U.S. vice-president to urge elections this year when the U.S. ambassador so recently left a contrary impression.
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2013-06-23: Foreigners Want Us to Oscillate Between Duvalierists and Aristidians by Robert Bénodin
They somehow see stability emerging from this alternance, as well as fewer elections to pay for. They reckon, however, without these parties' penchant for violence.
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2013-03-01: Limits to Reparations: U.S. Is Poorly Led, Diaspora Not Yet a Counterforce by Stuart Leiderman, on the Corbett List
U.S. is poorly led and represented in Haitian affairs. Haitians abroad are not yet united in caring for Haiti nor have they yet become a counterforce to poor governance. All this conditions the outlook for reparations.
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2013-02-05: Joining Call for Elections by Rep. Maxine Waters
Haiti needs free, fair and inclusive elections in order to have a functioning parliament and a stable, democratic, and effective government.
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2013-01-10: Disbursed but Not Spent by Daniel Whitman, on Pundit Wire
So many of the pledged billions remain committed but not disbursed, or disbursed but not spent. Might not the Haitians or Diaspora themselves been able to help determine how this money might be effectively spent?
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2012-11-28: U.S. Policy Errors Almost Equally Responsible for Haiti Outcome by James Morrell in CQ Global Researcher
U.S. policy has been shortsighted and has undermined long-term stability by supporting authoritarian regimes, overlooking the potential of capable civil-society, business, and grassroots actors to normalize the country.
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2012-07-21: U.N. must Move Decisively on Cholera by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. et al., in the New York Times
As it brought cholera to Haiti, it must now stop its spread and get it under control. Four hundred more deaths, fifty thousand new cases since mid-April.
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2012-06-17: Discrepancy Between Returns and Published Results Prompted U.S. Objections in 2010 by Amb. Kenneth H. Merten in Le Nouvelliste
Ambassador's emphasis on this discrepancy suggests that the Haiti Democracy Project's presentation of photographic proof of it could have helped along U.S. thinking.
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2012-05-26: U.S. Efforts in Job Creation, Development Are Making Progress: Cheryl Mills by Haitian Diaspora Federation
In Flag Day meeting with diaspora, she also underlined the importance of diaspora engagement in the recovery and agreed to aid the Diaspora Federation in its efforts to support Haiti.
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2012-05-26: U.S., International Policy Miscues Have Wasted Martelly's First Year by Robert Bénodin
Through their manipulation of election results they saddled the country with two diametrically-opposed tendencies in the parliament and executive, which is not how the electorate voted. Resulting parliamentary harassment has cost one year.
Rating: 5
2012-04-26: Members of Congress Urge U.S. to Forestall 'Chaos' in Haiti by Reps. Maxine Waters, John Conyers, and Yvette Clarke
Forward-leaning statement of support for elected president and alarm at loss of last prime minister. Strong recognition of gravity of situation, strong call on U.S. to be proactive. Uneven in its call for rule of law against Duvalier but not Aristide.
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2011-08-15: Comment by James Morrell, project director
Now come the Economist and Washington Post editorialists contending that a legitimately-elected president must yield to a fraudulently-elected parliament.
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2011-01-20: U.S. Support Depends on Respect of Will of Haitian Voters by Amb. Susan E. Rice
Sustained support from the international community, including the United States, requires a credible process that represents the will of the Haitian people, as expressed by their votes.
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2010-08-26: Shrugging Off Haitian Government Ineffectiveness by Cheryl Mills, chief U.S. adviser on Haiti, on ABC News
Haitian government has always delivered at low level. Twenty-eight of 29 ministries collapsed in the quake so it's not surprising that the government is not in evidence. We do need to sit with them regarding holdup of aid in the port.
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2010-08-12: International Reducing Us To Lowest Common Denominator by Robert Bénodin, Radio Classique Inter
Rebirth of Haiti depends on competence of power-holders, their plan of government, and international aid and good faith. Instead the international reduces us to the lowest common denominator, substituting popularity for qualification.
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