Le scandale qui n’y était pas

Un rapport de la huitième mission électorale de l’organisation nationale pour l’avancement des haïtiens et le projet pour la démocratie en Haïti.Tout allait bien selon nos observateurs. “il n’était pas question de fraude massive dans ce centre de vote.”

U.S.-Engineered Loss of Neutral Election Commissioner

Washington Post. U.S. blocked the appointment of Haiti’s most capable and neutral electoral commissioner for transitory bureaucratic reasons. This will greatly weaken the electoral commission, sap public confidence, and open a Pandora’s box of consequences

An Imperfect but Accurately-Counted Election

Latin America Advisor of the Inter-American Dialogue. The U.S. sabotaged this election by keeping out the most qualified election commissioner. As a result, the gatekeeping to the election was politicized and commissioners took bribes to qualify candidates. But once the machinery of election day switched on, it delivered accurate results

U.S. Policy Toward Haiti: Peace on Our Watch

Haiti Democracy Project report. Haiti policy is a perfect example of what happens when the U.S. government is allowed to work in obscurity, buying temporary peace through a faction rather than mobilizing the broad civil society for institution-building. The United States has no strategy to build Haiti, only to maintain until the next administration

This Mob for Hire

The electoral commission’s exclusion of many high-profile candidates with national followings and its inclusion of criminals and corruptionists guarantees that the rent-a-mobs will be busy this season. How they do it...