Leaky As a CIEVE

By the Haiti Democracy Project. The Commission Indépendante d’Evaluation et de Vérification Electorale (CIEVE) has failed to make its case. It has not found one instance of fraud. It spends most of its time in the thick underbrush of issues far removed from the tabulation

Powerpoint Presentation Shown at National Intelligence University

Prepared for “Haiti’s Elections,” an in-house seminar convened by the National Intelligence University on May 19, 2016. In addition to the Haiti Democracy Project, also presenting were Prof. Robert Fatton of the University of Virginia; Prof. Robert Maguire of George Washington University; and Amb. Kenneth Merten, State Department special coordinator for Haiti

Eighth Electoral Mission Press Conference

At the Ritz Hotel in Petionville, reported by Métropole Television: “Il n’y a pas eu de fraudes dans les dernières élections, selon un rapport d’observateurs Haïtiens. Selon la 8e mission de NOAH / Haïti, les élections présidentielles du 25 Octobre 2015 ont été jugées généralement juste et libre de fraude”

Haiti Democracy Observers Saw Few Irregularities

David McFadden, Associated Press. James Morrell, director of the Washington¬based research group Haiti Democracy Project, noted that charges of rampant fraud have arisen after many Haitian elections, notably in the 2000, 2006 and 2010 cycles. But his organization’s 180 election monitors saw relatively few irregularities in October and he believes Moise is the legitimate leading candidate.

Le scandale qui n’y était pas

Un rapport de la huitième mission électorale de l’organisation nationale pour l’avancement des haïtiens et le projet pour la démocratie en Haïti.Tout allait bien selon nos observateurs. “il n’était pas question de fraude massive dans ce centre de vote.”