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2014-02-11: Murder of Human-Rights Leader and Wife by Radio Kiskeya
Daniel Dorsinvil (48 ans) et son épouse Girldy Larèche ont été abattus par balle samedi. They offered no resistance, making it unlikely that it was a simple robbery, says Pierre Espérance, more likely an attack on the rights sector.
Rating: 5
2011-07-27: Martelly Was Attacked by Paid Partisans of Violent Senator by Cyrus Sibert, Réseau Citadelle
The bottles were thrown by Lavalas gangsters who had just finished fighting each other for Moïse Jean-Charles's money. Despite this desperate act of a few, the president and first lady stayed with the people and were protected by them.
Rating: 5
2011-01-31: Recent Gunplay Linked to Government Pressure--Human Rights Network by Le Nouvelliste
Marie-Yolène Gilles of the RNDDH says they are due to impunity and pressure by the political authorities on police and courts to release bandits.
Rating: 3
2010-11-08: Armed Criminals Attack Home, Say They Were Sent by Préval and Célestin by André Lafontant Joseph
Armed assailants broke into Joseph family home evidently to assassinate author's ex-wife, campaign manager for Charles Henri Baker. Challenged, they said they were sent by Préval and Célestin.
Rating: 5
2010-08-23: Préval's Anointed Candidate Said Involved in 2009 Murder of High Official by Sauveur Pierre Etienne, on Radio Caraïbes's Ranmasse
Says that Jude Célestin, candidate of Préval's Unité party, contributed to the 2009 disappearance and presumed murder of Robert Marcello, the former public-markets director.
Rating: 5
2010-08-23: Memorial Service for Dr. Ronald Joseph by Radio Kiskeya
Assassinated August 3, leader of the KID (Democratic Unity) party.
Rating: 3
2010-08-18: Where Is Robert Marcello? by Le Nouvelliste
Kidnapped and disappeared in 2009 after making his public-markets agency an obstacle to corruption; received death threats which he carefully noted. Article from April 2009.
Rating: 3
2010-08-18: Last Remaining Daughter of Assassinated Official Flees Country by Le Nouvelliste
Robert Marcello was head of the public-markets commission. He was disappeared in 2009 after refusing to throw a contract to now-presidential candidate Jude Célestin, who is widely suspected of involvement in the murder.
Rating: 5
2010-08-09: Plea from Robert Marcello's Daughter by Rose Marcello, on Elizabeth E. Roebling's Blog
February, 2009: "We have come to believe that this kidnapping was related to his office tenure. We learned that he had been receiving threats for quite some time."
Rating: 3
2010-08-08: Political Opposition Leader Assassinated by Radio Metropole
Respected doctor, opposition political leader and social-security administrator Ronald Joseph is slain by "unknowns." Evans Paul says it was a political murder, not a robbery.
Rating: 3
2010-08-08: Don't Bury Robert Marcello's Assassination by Leslie Péan, in Alterpresse
Webmaster's note: This call by Leslie Péan has new relevance since it is Jude Célestin, Préval's candidate for president, who figures in the murky proceedings surrounding this political murder and cover-up in 2009.
Rating: 5
2010-06-08: Préval Said Handing Out Arms to Chimères by Jean Menard Metellus,, on Radio Caraibes
"Je suis au courant que des armes ont été distribuées à des chimères par le palais national et des militants de mon parti, ALAH qui ont infiltré la rencontre en avaient aussi reçu", a par ailleurs révélé le juriste Reynold George.
Rating: 3
2010-06-08: Third and Fourth Assassination Attempts Against Senator Boulos by James Morrell, director of the Project
Before leaving the Dominican Republic in April 2010, Sen. Rudolph Boulos, a founder of the Haiti Democracy Project, was the target of two more teams of assassins sent to Santo Domingo by the national palace.
Rating: 5
2010-04-20: Haiti--Another Eyjafjallajokull? by Peter Beaumont, The Guardian/The Observer
Growing private concern among diplomats and aid workers at Haiti's dangerous trajectory. Fewer than 7% of Haitians trust government to manage reconstruction. Rapid corrosion of government legitimacy and lack of any obvious successor.
Rating: 5
2009-11-05: Dégringolade vers un pouvoir dictatorial by Gary Guiteau, in Le Nouvelliste
Ce que Mr Préval cherche à imposer au pays, c'est un pouvoir dictatorial qui exige à ce que tout le monde rentre dans la danse, au pas et dans le silence. Pas une tête ne doit se relever. On plie l'échine, on se tait et on obéit.
Rating: 5
2009-11-04: Implication of Préval in Alleged Assassin's Affair by Guichard Doré
La pénétration du procureur dominicain dans l’enceinte du Palais National pour interroger le Président lui demandant de certifier l’authenticité des pièces d’identité du prévenu Duclona apparait comme un acte d’inculpation du Président.
Rating: 5
2009-11-04: Préval Using State Resources to Consolidate a Dictatorship by Mouvement Paysan de Papaye, in Alterpresse
Un cri d’alarme sur le danger de mise en place d’un projet antidémocratique par le pouvoir en place.
Rating: 5
2008-12-23: Boulos Targeted for Assassination in Dom. Rep. by Michel Soukar
Noted in his year-end roundup (below): Not only was Boulos threatened on the day of the senate vote, forcing him to resign under duress, but later assassins were sent after him in the Dominican Republic.
Rating: 5
2008-08-04: Preval Protege Grabs Evidence of Child's Kidnapping by Radio Metropole
Un véhicule qui pourrait être impliqué dans un enlèvement a été retrouvé. La voiture en question est la propriété de Assad Volcy, chef du service de presse du palais national.
Rating: 3
2008-06-16: Dangerous, Narrow-minded, Petty Politics Resurgent in Haiti by Carlo Dade, director Canadian Foundation for the Americas, in Latin Business Chronicle
Recently, the vice president of the Senate, Rudolph Boulos, was run out of the country because his colleagues suddenly took issue that he was born in the U.S.
Rating: 5
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