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2008-09-18: Throwing Out the Freedom with the Floodwater by National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH)
In its desperation to "do something," the legislature has approved a state of emergency and signed away citizens' rights for nothing. It was not lack of power, but lack of will, capacity, and even interest that left the government inert.
Rating: 5
2008-09-01: Une violation de la loi by La Coalition pour la Défense de la Constitution
Le président Préval vient d’appliquer un ignoble soufflet au corps législatif en violant délibérément la Constitution de 1987, en nommant Madame Pierre-Louis Premier Ministre non en concertation avec les partis majoritaires représentés au Parlement.
Rating: 3
2008-04-03: Correcting, Once Again, the Errant Reporters sans Frontieres by Sen. Rudolph H. Boulos
By following regime propagandists who have dragged my name into the Dominique murder investigation for partisan political reasons, the eminent organization has committed a sin against the truth. Exclusive translation.
Rating: 5
2006-12-30: Rejecting Negotiations with Criminals by Ecumenical Center for Human Rights
The prime minister says it is done in all countries. Not! It undermines the law, weakens the government and violates fundamental rights.
Rating: 5
2005-06-21: Rise to Defend Your Country by Myriam Merlet, Enfofanm, on Alterpresse
The terrorists' exactions hit citizens of all social levels.
Rating: 3
2005-06-16: U.S. Congressmen Disrespectful of Haiti and the Truth by National Network for Human Rights (RNDDH)
There are more ex-Lavalas politicians in jail in Miami than in Port-au-Prince. Why don't they denounce the U.S. government's jailing of these men? (Left: Pierre Esperance, director of RNDDH)
Rating: 5
2004-01-08: Decrying Repression in Haiti by Haitian Studies Association
We stand against the violation of human rights by Aristide government and its supporters who act with impunity. We will not hold future conferences in Haiti until government respects human rights.
Rating: 3
2002-11-17: Les Rencontres pour la Manif de Dimanche 17 au Cap by Radio Signal FM
Tous les leaders de l'opposition se sont reunis sur la place publique pour organiser la Marche de ce Dimanche 17 au Cap.
Rating: 3
2002-11-17: Largest Public Demonstration Against Aristide by Cable News Network/Associated Press
In the largest public demonstration against President Aristide since his election two years ago, thousands marched peacefully Sunday, calling for an alternative. "We're hungry! Aristide must go!"
Rating: 3
2002-11-17: Thousands Protest Against Government by Michael Deibert, Reuters
Thousand took the streets of Haiti's second largest city to demand the resignation of the country's embattled president, Jean-Bertand Aristide.
Rating: 3