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2015-04-23: Staving Off Dominican Deportations by webmaster
The project joined a delegation of the Haitian Diaspora Federation pleading with State Department and Congress to use their influence to forestall Dominican expulsion of their citizens of Haitian descent.
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2015-04-20: Full Diaspora Presence at Inter-American Human Rights Commission Hearing by webmaster
A year ago, the project joined the Haitian Diaspora Federation and others as they mobilized to witness a hearing where Dominican petitioners and government testified: Slideshow
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2014-06-20: Latest Dominican Law Doesn't Right the Situation by Global Haitian Diaspora Federation
La République dominicaine a une longue histoire de refuser les actes de naissance aux Dominicains d'origine haïtienne. La loi Medina ne fait rien pour rétablir la citoyenneté perdue en dépit des affirmations du gouvernement dominicain.
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2014-03-18: Dominican Republic Faces Inter-American Human Rights Commission by Radio Métropole
L'État dominicain est convoqué par la Commission inter-américaine des droits humains à une audience publique qui se tiendra le 24 mars prochain à Washington autour du rapport préliminaire de mission de cette institution.
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2014-03-18: Hearing on Stripping Dominicans of their Citizenship for their Haitian Ancestry by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Organization of American States
Situation of the Right to Nationality of Dominicans of Haitian Descent affected by Denationalization Policies in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to Stanley Lucas for bringing to our attention.
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2014-02-11: Murder of Human-Rights Leader and Wife by Radio Kiskeya
Daniel Dorsinvil (48 ans) et son épouse Girldy Larèche ont été abattus par balle samedi. They offered no resistance, making it unlikely that it was a simple robbery, says Pierre Espérance, more likely an attack on the rights sector.
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2014-01-20: The Truth must Out by Reporters sans Frontières
We welcome this major step, so unexpected after years of impunity. The truth must finally emerge, fourteen years after Dominique’s murder.
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2014-01-18: Aristide Said to Have Ordered Assassination of Jean Dominique by Radio Kiskeya
Key witnesses indicted in Haiti say Aristide ordered them to silence Dominique because his popularity was an obstacle to Aristide's return to power.
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2014-01-18: Nine Charged in Murder of Jean Dominique by Amelie Baron, Reuters
A judge filed charges in the notorious assassination, accusing nine people of having a hand in the killing including several close associates of former president Aristide.
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2014-01-18: Aristide and the Murder of Jean Dominique by Stanley Lucas
For thirteen years Haitian prosecutors have been intimidated, blocked, and forced out by members of the former Aristide government trying to protect the killers.
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2014-01-18: Implication of Many Top Government Figures in the Assassination of Jean Dominique by Radio Info Haiti
Republishing this prescient article which first appeared on this page on May 14, 2001. Exclusive translation by Haiti Democracy Project
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2014-01-18: Letter to Amnesty International Still Unanswered after Two Years by Haiti Democracy Project
We sent this letter over two years ago wondering why Amnesty was pursuing Duvalier but not Aristide. Still no answer, but we're watching the mail.
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2013-11-05: Diaspora Delegation Sees U.S. Officials Re: Dominican Racial Ruling by Haitian Global Diaspora Federation
A five-member delegation met with the State Department, OAS, and members of Congress to urge a solution for Dominicans stripped of citizenship for their Haitian origins.
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2013-07-07: The Skein of Assassinations Underlying the Exercise of Power in Haiti by Sherlson Sanon, aide to ex-Sen. Joseph Lambert, as recounted to the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH)
In 1999, when I was 11, I killed a French woman, Céline Moulier, outside Jacmel, for Senator Lambert. But that was just the beginning.
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2013-07-07: Haiti Democracy Project Delegate Warns Against Attack to Silence the Accuser, Sherlson Sanon by Sen. Francisco de la Cruz, Plateau Central, on Radio Kiskeya
« S’il venait à lui arriver quelque malheur que ce soit, ce serait une catastrophe pour la justice et les auteurs de tels actes seraient facilement identifiés ». Senator De la Cruz was a member of the project's Third Senatorial Delegation, March 2012.
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2013-07-07: The Gangs of Assassins Wielded by Power-Holders in Haiti by Sherlson Sanon
An English version of item above, courtesy of Robert Bénodin, Orlando, Fla.
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2013-06-23: Impunity Reigns in Martelly's Second Year by National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH)
Whether it's the slaying of policeman Walky Calixte in which two lower-house deputies are suspected, or the accused ravishing of a teenage girl by the electoral commissioner, the powerful remain above the law.
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2013-05-04: Why Is Parliament, of All Institutions, So Violent? by Stanley Lucas
Why are there so many killings and violent incidents emanating from parliament? Stanley asks the heads of the two chambers. Let's see if they reply.
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2011-12-20: Un Hommage Bien Mérité by Haiti Democracy Project
In our tribute to the great human-rights champion, we present forty-four of his eloquent prophecies that appeared on this website.
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2011-12-20: J'Accuse . . . ! by Gérald Bloncourt, in Alterpresse
J’accuse Michel Martelly, président de la République d’Haïti de couvrir en fait l’ex dictateur Jean-Claude Duvalier séjournant actuellement en Haïti.
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