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2015-02-28: 37th Business Delegation Takes Haiti's Case to U.S. Policy-makers by webmaster
Potential of business sector to spark Haiti takeoff remains great. HOPE and Caracol helping a lot. But business conditions are precarious amidst political instability
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2015-02-09: Delegate Says Violent Strike Costing Economy, Workers by Georges Sassine on Radio Metropole
Member of 36th delegation notes factories employing 36,000 workers had to close for two days. They missed their salaries and production was lost. Thirty factories are working in Haiti but are menaced by political instability.
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2014-12-31: Aristide Networking with Lavalas Senators To Sow Chaos by Cyrus Sibert
The idea is to bring down Martelly, after having failed to block his election, by spreading utter chaos. Demonstrations, refusal to vote electoral law, all part of plan. Then they can grab power via phony elections.
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2014-12-24: Neither Side Wants Elections by James Morrell in the Latin America Advisor
Martelly has not been able to organize his own party. The other side is not ready, either. It occurs to neither to hold them anyhow and let the chips fall where they may.
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2014-09-16: Congress Urges Haitian Senators to Vote Election Law by Rep.Eliot L. Engel et al.
It’s time for the Haitian senate to do the right thing and pass the legislation needed to move forward with elections. U.S. will support independent election monitoring to assure a free vote.
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2014-09-09: Setting 2015 Expos by Haiti Renewal Alliance
Network with investors in Haiti including big U.S. government agencies. One expo in Haiti January 15-16, the other in Washington June 18-19
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2014-07-29: Prime Minister Salutes Haiti Democracy Project Business Delegate by Radio Métropole
Commends Nathalie Buteau Antoine and her family for their $30 million investment in 85 new rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a café, and several stores, augmenting the tourist sector.
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2014-07-29: Washington Forum on Haiti Features 'Haiti Needs Job-Creating Investors' by Amb. Ernest H. Preeg, chairman of the project
Puts his Wall Street Journal letter on the front page of the website.
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2014-07-28: Elections Déjà Vu All Over Again by Timothy Carney and Mark Schneider on the Huffington Post
The delay is the collective product of the whole elite from the president to the opposition, financiers, and operators behind the scenes. Secretary Kerry will need to repeat his Afghan performance in Haiti.
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2014-06-28: Haiti Needs Job-Creating Investors by Amb. Ernest H. Preeg, chairman of the project, in the Wall Street Journal
Haiti has a low-cost, hard-working labor force, and investors have risen to the opportunity. A letter inspired by the superb investors of the thirty-fifth and previous business delegations
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2014-06-20: Latest Dominican Law Doesn't Right the Situation by Global Haitian Diaspora Federation
La République dominicaine a une longue histoire de refuser les actes de naissance aux Dominicains d'origine haïtienne. La loi Medina ne fait rien pour rétablir la citoyenneté perdue en dépit des affirmations du gouvernement dominicain.
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2014-06-18: Project Chairman Publishes on U.S. Manufactures by Amb. Ernest H. Preeg
Ambassador Preeg with a sobering report for the Arlington-based Manufacturers' Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
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2014-06-11: Project Delegate Sifts Electoral Options by Frantz Duval in le Nouvelliste
The writer is executive editor of Le Nouvelliste and was a member of our Thirty-fifth Haitian Business Delegation
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2014-05-28: Délégué du projet pour la Démocratie personnalité de l'année pour les petites entreprises by le Nouvelliste
H. Charles est le premier Haïtien-Américain à recevoir ce prix. Membre de la 33-eme délégation.
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2014-05-22: Heineken, Digicel, Other Top Investors on Thirty-fifth Business Delegation by webmaster
Thirty-fifth Haitian Business Delegation: Top companies that have invested much in Haiti and would like to do more tour Washington's power centers to gauge the level of support.
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2014-05-22: Project Delegate Wins Small-Business Person of the Year Award by U.S. Small Business Administration
Harold Charles, member of our Thirty-third Delegation, snags 2014 award for Maryland, recognized for "hard work, innovative ideas, and dedication."
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2014-05-07: Haiti Has the Capacity to Hold Good Elections by James Morrell, interviewed by Radio Energie, Boston
Haiti did hold free and democratic ones in 2006 under the management of Jacques Bernard. We very much regretted it when he was forced out of the electoral commission in 2007. Haiti is still paying the price for that today.
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2014-04-12: U.S. Needs Management Plan to Make Next Elections Free and Fair by James Morrell in the Latin America Advisor
Ought not settle for less. There needs to be a purposeful strategy, don't wait until fraudulent votes flood the Tabulation Center.
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2014-03-19: U.N. Assistant Secretary-General: Haiti Needs a Marshall Plan for Cholera by the Guardian
Underlines threat of epidemic that has killed 8,540 and infected almost 700,000 people. Studies have shown the cholera strain was probably introduced by UN troops from Nepal.
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2014-03-19: Business Delegate Snags 'Haïti Cherie' Award by Tequila Minsky in Caribbean Life
Honoree is Haitian-Canadian Katleen Félix from Montreal, member of our Thirty-fourth Business Delegation during February 24-26. She also heads the Haitian Hometown Association Resource Group and the Haitian Diaspora Federation.
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