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2011-08-01: Préval Members of Parliament on the Take from Government Ministry by National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH)
Scarfed up half a million dollars in "consulting fees" for doing nothing. Lends credence to opposition leaders who said their members defected to Unité for the money.
Rating: 5
2011-07-27: Is Clinton about to Force Martelly to Admit Corruptionists into Government? by Robert Bénodin
Don't the internationals understand the consequences of turning over the most heavily funded ministries to the corruptionists? Don't they see Aristide there looking for a way to fund his gangs? The attack against Martelly in Cap-Haïtien is a precursor.
Rating: 5
2011-07-23: Last-Ditch Effort to Undermine Change by Stanley Lucas
Préval's senate coalition still refuses to confirm the prime minister nominated by the president. This bloc gained most of its seats by electoral fraud during 2009-2011, but has only 2 percent approval among the Haitians.
Rating: 5
2011-07-23: More U.S. Indictments of Aristide-Era Teleco Officials by U.S. District Court in Miami, by courtesy of corruption investigator Lucy Komisar
Federal grand jury finds probable cause that more Teleco officials took bribes in return for steering business to U.S.-based telecoms.
Rating: 5
2011-06-06: No Slicing Up the Cake with Corrupt Parliamentarians by President Martelly, in Cyrus Sibert's Réseau Citadelle
"If the state is a cake, it should go back to the people." -- President Martelly. He would rather go down fighting than revert to the corrupt practices denounced by the entire population.
Rating: 5
2011-06-06: Stitching Together a Country Torn Into a Thousand Pieces by Daly Valet, in Le Matin
Préval left Haiti in a thousand pieces. It was more than incompetence, he seemed to do it deliberately. He leaves this poisoned inheritance to his successor Michel Martelly.
Rating: 5
2011-01-27: These Strongmen Need to Face Justice by Stanley Lucas
The leading perpetrators need to see the inside of a courtroom. Corruption and violence will continue as long as there is impunity for those pulling the strings.
Rating: 5
2011-01-24: Earthquake Money Was Snapped Up by National and International Mafia by Sen. Rudolph H. Boulos, Haiti Democracy Project, in El Nacional, Dominican Republic
Haiti in worse shape today after expenditure of $5 billion. Remains a failed nation because tiny group inside and out profit from that situation, while 1.5 million Haitians have tents for homes.
Rating: 5
2011-01-18: The Playboy-for-Life by Greg Chamberlain, The Guardian
Under the reign of Duvalier and his father, Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, thousands of real and imagined enemies died of disease, starvation and torture in the Fort Dimanche prison chillingly isolated on malarial marshland on the outskirts of the capital.
Rating: 3
2010-11-26: Jude Célestin Invented Title by 24 Heures, Vaud, Switzerland
Parmi les 18 candidats à la présidentielle, Jude Célestin, affirme être diplômé de la haute école. Or il n’en est rien.
Rating: 5
2010-08-27: Haiti Government Blocking Relief Supplies by E. Thomas Johnson, L.A. Times
Reposted from June 2010: Forty-five relief vehicles held up for weeks at border by a Haitian government practicing its classic pattern of corruption, inefficiency and delay that holds the country hostage.
Rating: 3
2010-08-08: $hady Rapper’s Prez Bid Plagued by Lies, Liens and Sean Penn by New York Post
Such blatant misappropriation of funds may make him “quite qualified to be president of Haiti, given who else has been president of Haiti,” quipped Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy.
Rating: 3
2010-08-08: Wyclef Jean Said to Owe IRS $2.1 Million, Jewelry Store $320,000 by The Smoking Gun, Turner Sports and Entertainment
Latest alleged improprieties coming on those already reported at his Yele Haiti foundation, including allegations that it paid Jean himself to perform at fundraising events and paid a station he co-owns for advertising time.
Rating: 3
2010-08-08: Serious Doubts Surfacing About Wyclef Jean Candidacy by Le Monde
Serious questions raised about his residency and suspicions of diverting to personal use funds collected by his charity for Haiti earthquake victims.
Rating: 3
2010-06-27: Government Corruption Holding the Country Hostage by E. Thomas Johnson, in Los Angeles Times
Government has lapsed into the classic pattern of corruption, inefficiency and delay. Relief equipment piling up at DR border. Growing restrictions on projects for affected families.
Rating: 5
2010-06-14: International Community Lacks Confidence in Préval by Robert Benodin, Radio Classique Inter
Hasn't named its members of Interim Commission, hasn't delivered on its aid pledges although it reaffirmed them. DR president Fernandez told Préval except for a few South American countries there was a total lack of confidence in him.
Rating: 5
2010-06-14: Skepticism About Government Reconstruction Plan by Alterpresse
The government plan, written by foreigners, comes in for criticism at hands of experts at university forum in Haiti. The social worker Colette Lespinasse said it wouldn't take Haiti anywhere.
Rating: 3
2010-06-02: Alleged Aristide Accomplice in Teleco Looting Gets Four Years by Department of Justice
Robert Antoine, director of int'l relations at Teleco 2001-2003, admitted to taking bribes from 3 U.S. telecoms to defraud Teleco. Haitian government filed suit in 2005 alleging Aristide involvement in scheme.
Rating: 5
2010-05-26: Lucy Snags Sigma Delta Award by The Komisar Scoop
Wins their award for Non-Deadline Reporting (Daily Circulation 100,001+) for Miami Herald series exposing offshore money-laundering. Her previous stories bared alleged IDT role in Aristide's diversion of phone revenues to his Turks-and-Caicos account.
Rating: 5
2010-05-25: Time for Préval To Go by Guichard Doré, Camp Patriotique pour le Sauvetage National
On salut le courage des citoyens qui demandent le départ du pouvoir de l’équipe de Réné Préval. Préval n’a aucune crédibilité pour organiser quoi ce soit dans le pays. La population doit mettre un terme à cette politique d’appauvrissement et d’humiliation
Rating: 3
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