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2015-03-16: Government Has Been Taken Over by the MRE's by Cyrus Sibert
The government and electoral board have been taken over by the retrograde part of the bourgeoisie that likes monopolies, doesn't like to pay customs duties, and excludes the diaspora.
Rating: 5
2014-12-31: The Government Changeover Was a Virtual Coup d'Etat by Lavalas by Cyrus Sibert
Quietly and without fanfare, a network centered around Aristide and drawing support from the MRE's took over the government
Rating: 5
2013-12-07: Big Whoop: Haiti Less Corrupt than Somalia and the Sudans by Robert Bénodin
Some take solace that Haiti came in under countries that are disintegrating in civil war, like Afghanistan. Wow, with 19 out of 100, we're up there with Chad and a pair of Guineas!
Rating: 5
2013-12-03: Haiti Makes Dirty-Dozen List Again by Transparency International
Ranked among the dozen most corrupt countries in the world, among 175 examined. Up two notches from last year, though.
Rating: 5
2013-01-26: What Was All the Shouting About? by Robert Bénodin
On January 14, the anti-Martelly members of parliament shouted down the prime minister as he tried to deliver a constitutionally-required report. Why this gross discourtesy? Recall that this parliament is the most corrupt in our history.
Rating: 5
2012-10-15: U.S. Still Investigating Telecom Suspected of Bribing Aristide by Lucy Komisar, prizewinning investigative reporter
Justice Department still investigating charges former IDT employee D. Michael Jewett made in 2004 that the company had paid off Haitian officials including Aristide to get a contract.
Rating: 5
2012-06-17: Haiti Democracy Project Delegate Exposes Embezzlement of School Funds by Radio Kiskeya
Sen. Mélius Hyppolite, brought to the State Department and Congress by the Haiti Democracy Project in February 2012, reveals that a Préval-affiliated senator aided the flight of an embezzler of school funds.
Rating: 5
2012-05-26: Leading Aristide-Appointed Embezzler Sentenced to Nine Years by Department of Justice
The impunity which Aristide accorded Teleco official Jean René Duperval in Haiti is not replicated by U.S. courts. Eight convicted so far.
Rating: 5
2012-05-26: Haiti Corruption Case Shadowed by Violence by Curt Anderson, Associated Press, in Miami Herald
After Teleco's Aristide-era director pleaded guilty to money-laundering conspiracy and agreed to testify about other Haitian officials, his father was gunned down in Port-au-Prince.
Rating: 5
2012-05-09: Mario Dupuy Unfit to Serve as Minister of Culture by Michael Deibert
It is disgusting that a country that produces some of the greatest novelists, poets, and filmmakers in the world should put a discredited political apparatchik in this position.
Rating: 5
2012-04-04: Martelly Got $2.6 Million from Dominican Contractor: Investigator by Jean-Michel Caroit, Le Monde
The Dominican investigative journalist Nuria Piera has published spreadsheets allegedly compiled from bank records showing the payments.
Rating: 5
2012-04-04: DR Launches Investigation of Alleged Payments by Ezra Fieser and Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
Allegations of corruption against an influential Dominican senator whose construction firms hade more than $200 million in contracts in Haiti.
Rating: 5
2012-03-12: Murder of Venel Joseph by Radio Metropole
Father of a key witness of Aristide's alleged embezzlement at Teleco.
Rating: 5
2012-03-03: Miami Bribery Probe Zeroes in on Aristide by Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
The investigation into suspected payments to Aristide, kept alive for years by the independent journalist Lucy Komisar, now gathering steam as informants tell all to Feds.
Rating: 5
2012-02-11: Martelly about to Be Tied up by the Lilliputians? by Robert Bénodin, Radio Classique Inter
Martelly is constantly harassed by the illicit legislature which seeks to overshadow him, pushing a constitutional amendment favoring Préval, and forcing the elected president onto the defensive and eventually into submission.
Rating: 5
2012-02-11: Outstanding Warrant for "Senator" Jean-Charles by Cap-Haďtien District Court
"Senator" in quotation marks because law required him to present clean bill of health from court to be eligible. Our election report called his election fraudulent. U.N. called it "technically valid."
Rating: 5
2011-11-17: Fugitive from Justice, Posing as "Deputy," in Delegation to Washington by Radio Kiskeya
Arnel Bélizaire to tell Americans reestablishment of army should not be a priority, pleads situation of refugees in the camps.
Rating: 1
2011-08-23: Watch Out for Senate Move to Shred the Constitution by Michel William, on
The Unité members of the senate are gearing up to push for adoption of the constitutional amendments so shamefully and criminally concocted by senate president Rodolphe Joasile et al.
Rating: 3
2011-08-19: Why Parliament Is Pressing for Control of Ministries by Robert Bénodin
Corrupt members of parliament are pressing executive for control of various ministries, from which these members can filch the money for their next electoral campaigns.
Rating: 5
2011-08-05: Two More Telecom Execs Guilty of Bribing Haitian Officials by Department of Justice, courtesy of corruption investigator Lucy Komisar
Convicted by a federal jury on all counts for their roles in a scheme to pay bribes to Haitian government officials at Teleco during Aristide presidency in return for sweetheart contracts.
Rating: 5
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